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Are your medals hanging on a door or stashed away in a drawer?

MedalMounts is the first Western Australian company providing medal and trophy mounts for any sports enthusiast.

MedalMounts are uniquely designed in Perth to not only look outstanding, but to also be highly practical with a clever hook and slider design to house a greater number of medals.


Leigh's daughter Arleya & son Kade

"I started Little Athletics at Whitfords LAC aged 6, then moved to Glendale LAC both a part of the Hamersley Centre in Perth, Western Australia and competed until I was U/15. I was able to represent WA in several State Teams throughout my LA career and between that and the other sports I’ve been involved in, accumulated LOTS of medals in the process. In fact, my brother, Ryan and I used to compete as to who had the most trophies and medals. Mum put all my medals in an old biscuit tin and trophies in cardboard boxes and those boxes and old biscuit tin followed me with every house move for a while but there was never anywhere to put my prized achievements.

Having been brought up in a ‘sporty’ family, my own children have also been heavily involved in sport. I am indeed a taxi service when it comes to catering for my children’s training and competition needs! Sports and activities our family have been involved in are: football, AFL, netball, dancing, athletics, cross country, lacrosse, baseball, muay thai, indoor soccer and surf lifesaving to name a few! A lot of trophies and medals have been earned by them over the years too, and there has never been anywhere to display theirs either...

This was when MedalMounts was born. I researched and found that other products were available but thought MedalMounts’ designs were incomparable. Please enjoy them as much as I do!"

Leigh, Founder of MedalMounts Australia


Really happy with the new medal hanger. It’s great to be able to spread the athletics medals out and have them on a designated hanger. We like that it’s off the wall and we can fit so many more on it. I’ll spread the word of your fine products!

Tara Houston, Joondalup Little Athletics Centre, Perth, WA

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